Our Services

GradMemory is your professional partner to provide you a complete production and fulfillment of your event on DVD-Video. In addition to production & fulfillment, you have an option to choose our pre-production and video shoot services.
Pre-production and Video shoot (Optional service)
Our professional video photographer team arrive early on site to set up in the best possible location to capture the ceremony and cover all the key events. We also deploy multi-camera and merge various video footing.
Professional Editing & DVD Authoring (Optional Service)
After the video shoot, our editors use state of the art video-editing technology to delete the superfluous footage, add smooth transition, make color correction and balance audio track. Once we have the final edited video, our professional team digitize (encode) the video to DVD, make professional menu and add design for key events
If you are covering your own Video shooet then you are responsible to provide us professionally produced DVD master for fulfillment.
Personalization and Ordering
Our exclusive personalization capabilities, offered by no other company, lets parents and students personalize their DVD online by uploading a picture and a name, and order instantly.
Package Is On Its Way
As soon as we have the edited/authored DVD, our automated system starts processing the order. The package gets shipped out worldwide using US Postal Service with delivery tracking service.
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