GradMemory Privacy Policy

The terms of GradMemory Privacy Policy apply to content which you may provide to GradMemory during your use of GradMemory web site. You are deemed to have accepted the terms of those policies once you access Facebook app on GradMemory site. If you do not agree with any of the terms in the policies, please do not install Facebook App.

As a registered Facebook user, you are subject to Facebook's privacy policy as well as other relevant user terms and conditions. Please make sure you are familiar with all relevant terms and conditions which apply to you as a user of Facebook.

What information does GradMemory collect?

Facebook Data When you log into from GradMemory for the first time, it may ask you for permission to access some of your Facebook Profile information and your photos. We call this information ‘Facebook Data’. This is called Facebook data because it is data that is supplied by you to Facebook and then by Facebook to GradMemory. If you decide not to grant permission to GradMemory then you we may not be able to have access to your Facebook Data

Why do we need information from you?

We need information from you so you can access your photo on Facebook and import them to GradMemory for personalization. We do not collect and store any of your Facebook data for any other purpose. You select the photo which you want to import to GradMemory. We have an internal security measures in place to keep your photo secure and not misuse or have any unauthorized access. Once your order is processed, we delete your photo from our system and do not keep any record.

If you have any concerns or questions related to this privacy policy, you may contact us at